Patent system is meticulously designed to encourage innovation and research which are beneficial to the world at large, whilst acknowledging the efforts and investment of the inventor. Indian patent legislation is based on first to file system, wherein the patent is granted to a person who is first to file the patent application at the Indian Patent office. The duration of a granted patent in India is 20 years from the earliest date of filing of the patent application or the priority date whichever is earlier.

We value the time and efforts you have put into your invention. Our team of highly experienced Attorneys, Patent Agents and Technical Scientists will assist you at every stage in the complete patent lifecycle right from capturing your invention, drafting of the specification and filing, prosecution of the application, grant, maintenance and enforcement of the patents.

We conduct patent search and analysis for our clients in order to evaluate patentability of the invention, freedom to launch searches and provide legal opinion, invalidation searches, technology landscape searches, etc. We use our comprehensive paid databases and tools to give best possible results and analysis, which helps businesses to make important decisions quickly.

Furthermore, we undertake National phase filing of the patent application, prosecution and enforcement in India. We also file International Application (PCT) and Convention application for national and International clients.

India has become one of the clusters for R&D in varied domains like electronics, pharmaceuticals, textiles, food technology, etc. Availability of good local talents and Govt. institution’s incentives towards ease of doing business in India has made many large corporations, research institutions, SMEs, etc. to device India centric growth strategies.

India is thus now become a relevant jurisdiction in Asia for International businesses in protecting their intellectual property rights.

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